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Dear Dr. Nikolai and Dr. Tatiana, I would like to say thank you to the product (facial mask with bee venom) you have introduced me two years ago. My wife has used and the result is extremely effective as the appearance has showed a huge change, many people has recognized she looks 10 years younger than her actual age, the bee venom has made the wrinkles, eye bag, chloasma reduced and face became much whiter. Therefore I highly recommend this product, I also send some product to my relatives in shanghais and the results were also surprisingly effective. Thank you both for the absolute innovation and I wish you both a successful career.
- Dr. Bill Kelton Lavine (Auckland )


I have been using my first jar of Ultra Lifting Firming Mask for two months. I apply mask three times per week over the face and neck and leave on the skin for 30-40 minutes.
What I like best is how rich it feels without being greasy or irritating. I have sensitive skin so am particularly careful about anything that is used on it.  Bee venom Mask with New Zealand bee venom VENZTM    is the best moisturizer I've ever used on my dry skin. It is soothing and hydrating. My skin feels so much softer as I'm using the Ultra Lifting Firming Mask. After two month I have been using this mask the wrinkles and fine lines are almost invisible on my skin. This mask is making my skin look young and rejuvenated! I love this product.
- Tania Groutso ( Auckland )


Very nice formula in that it will feel divine on the skin - lots of “feel good, nice slip” ingredients. I wouldn’t be too concerned that bee venom is last - this is a potent ingredient, so it will necessarily be a lower % than the base of the formula
- Jude ( Auckland )


Results of independent trial for Ultra Lifting Mask

User 1: No adverse reactions. Felt smell was too sweet. Nice texture and went on well. Face did not feel too tight.

User 2: Lovely product. Loved the texture. Felt silky. Easy to put on. Reminded her of Dr Haushka. Took longer than expected to rub in. Skin felt great afterwards. Skin looked fabulous afterwards.

User 3: Like consistency and smell. Face feels great. Felt firming when she first put it on.

User 4: Definitely tightened the skin when enough put on. May have been slight tingle. Quite greasy to wash off.

User 5: Thought it was good. Seemed high quality. Refined the skin. Could notice the difference visibly. Thought it had the right level of Bee venom.Skin did look visibly better.

User 6: Goes on well. Smells ok. Left on overnight and next morning skin looks nicer. Not sticky. No tingle.

User 7: Felt sticky after putting on. No tingling. Smell was good.

User 8: Likes the feel.

User 9: Loves the smell. Very smooth. Not tingly. Skin felt nice afterwards.

User 10: Easy to apply. Good consistency. Not too heavy nor too light and not greasy. Good smell. Uses as night cream every other night. Skin looks moisturised and firm afterwards.

User 11: Loves it. Puts on face and neck every night and leaves on. Initially felt a tingle but not now. Feels there has been a definite improvement to appearance of skin on neck although not sure about the face.